As a promotor of green chemistry, the Chemport Innovation Center in Delfzijl helps scale-ups and chemical and innovative companies to advance their sustainable ideas and technologies. It is the incubator for the chemistry of the future and offers every opportunity to set up pilot plants for green chemical processes in an industrial setting. The centre is licensed and facilitates and unburdens companies so that they can focus entirely on continuing to develop their innovative processes and test their products. Chemport Innovation Center consists of a factory hall with several office spaces and is the ideal stepping stone from a pilot plant to a factory.


Chemport Innovation Center is there to facilitate, stimulate, and support start-ups and scale-ups in the Chemport region to further develop their sustainable, innovative products to scale up to the construction of their own plant in the short or medium term.


Chemport Innovation Center is an initiative of Groningen Seaports N.V. The CIC uses the strength of Groningen Seaports in various areas such as acquisition, marketing and communication. The site manager of the CIC, employed by Groningen Seaports, is responsible for the budget, day-to-day business and regular operations. The CIC can make a capacity call to use the various expertises of Groningen Seaports.

Advisory board

A broadly constituted Executive Advisory Board will advise Chemport Innovation Center. The Board meets at least once a year. The Board will provide Groningen Seaports with strategic advice and acts as a sparring partner on issues such as the continuity and growth of the CIC and trends in the sustainability of industry and port areas.


Chemport Innovation Center carries in its name the partnership with Chemport Europe. Chemport Innovation Center is made possible by a financial contribution from the NPG and the Province of Groningen.

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