To realise innovation and (large-scale) investments in green chemistry, various facilities are needed to develop ideas and take them to the next stage. Utilities, an office, scaling-up facilities, testing space, a permit and other facilities. Chemport Innovation Center offers these facilities and takes care of scale-ups by creating all these preconditions. The CIC thus creates the ideal conditions for scale-ups to set up pilot plants in an industrial setting and further develop their new factory. The focus is mainly on green chemical processes. They are circular and provide green building blocks for chemistry and green energy. You can test your innovative products in the CIC. That means you do not yet have to invest in a factory, for which there is often no financing available. Scale-ups can then advance to the pre-production level in this pilot plant.

The CIC responds to the needs of companies by providing a location for developing their products. Combined with the expertise offered by the industry, this provides solid support in the scaling-up process. With its thriving port and industrial area and the many initiatives in education, the area can offer skilled and supportive personnel.


The CIC offers companies the space to test their innovative machinery and ideas. For this purpose, an empty factory building on the Metal Park in Delfzijl has been made suitable to house start-ups in the chemical and circular sectors. Chemport Innovation Center consists of two buildings and several office spaces. Scale-ups can rent the space they need for their test factory and use the shared facilities. If required, pipes, utilities, cables and end products can be connected or used. The main building actually consists of two factory buildings: one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. This building also contains office spaces and a canteen. The second building is a detached depot. Around the buildings, there is unsheltered space, assuming there will be three pilot sites, each with an area of approx. 250 m2.

Facility management

The CIC has a shared lunch and coffee area where meetings can be held to promote networking and innovation. The building also contains three offices and one meeting room. The workplaces are equipped with internet and electricity connections and there is space for promotional materials. You can use the facilities of the building for the workplaces: canteen with coffee/tea, meeting room, internet. The CIC also gives you access to interesting networks, meetings, and companies relevant to you. You are given a key card for the building when you rent it, and you can come and go as you please.


Since several companies can establish themselves in the CIC, the CIC also has a network function. The CIC has a shared lunch and coffee area where meetings can be held to promote networking and innovation. The companies established in the CIC can help each other and exchange information. This can be done in the CIC or at events organised by Groningen Seaports and partners, such as lunch meetings, pitches, tours, collaborations with knowledge institutions, research organisations, and universities of applied sciences.


In addition to the factory halls and offices, the CIC has approximately 3.3 hectares of land at its disposal. The environmental permit covers this additional area. Scale-ups can also establish themselves in this area and create their own facilities on a piece of land belonging to the CIC. For example, if you do not want to use the existing buildings, but prefer to arrange your own accommodation. It is also possible that you only need land to test your innovative process or that the existing buildings are already in use. In that case, too, you can go to the CIC. However, these outdoor facilities may require additional building permits for the buildings.

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